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Vikas Parmar -Founder

"SAFETY for Myself! My family! My Company! My Country!"

"this words are correct for aware people they choice electronic security system and installated in their office,home & working place they know safety is must...Vivan electronic security give electronic security those aware people".

As u know I am Founder of vivan electronic security .I have many exprinces in this field because I managed countless installations. our company is good task manager. our employees are well exprinced ,young & hardworker.

Vivan electronics security is serving the security industry since 2014.we are as an organisation want to serve the market best where we find opportunities to enter.Vivan electronics is a Service providing company and for its esteemed customers its working as a cash & carry company we are having more than 10 categories and lots of products for security surveillance.When we established this organisation we dream to capture the causes of losses which happened due to lack of quality in the security system and now we have analyse and working on the demand of people who have a dream of fruitful and healthy tomorrow.

The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them. ..

vivan electronic security belive in our self. because our customer belived in our services.


All stock images on this wbsite are for presentation purposes only, intended to represent a our product and services and we give same product if stock will available otherwise produst can be change on image.

all products are available as per your requriment. www.vivanelectronics.co.in

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